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Couponing In Action

posted by Angela Guzman

I went on my weekly grocery shopping trip and this is how I came out.

1st Order:

Retail Cost: $168.49

Total Paid: $80.43 / Total Savings: $88.06 = 52%

Items Included: 1 jar of Nutella, 6 boxes of fruit snacks, 2 bags of Doritos, 2 8pks of Sparkle paper towels, 1 pk Huggies Pull-Ups, 1 pk of Tide Detergent Pods, 3 boxes of Pop Tarts, 1 box Frosted Flakes, 1 5pk of Ramen Noodles, 2 bottles of apple juice, 2 jars of spaghetti sauce, 1 pk of Poise items, 1 3 pk of Gillette razors, 1 bottle of White Rain Kids shampoo, 1 bottle Garnier shampoo, 3 lb of meat for roast, 2 pks of Buitoni Ravioli, 1 lb bananas, 1 pt of strawberries, 1 pk Tyson chicken patties, 1 Red Baron Pizza, 1 gallon of milk, 2 Next Pepsi 2 Liters, and 2 12 pk of Pepsi products.



2nd Order:
(It’s not necessary to do multiple orders but I had some free time and wanted to take advantage of some deals to add to my stock pile.)

Retail Cost: $50.12

Total Paid: $19.88 / Total Savings: $30.24 = 60%

Items Included: 2 bottles Palmolive Dish Soap, 1 pk Huggies Pull-ups, 1 Bottle Ken Marinade, 1 8pk of Gatorade, 2 Barilla Pasta Lunch Meals, 2 Old Spice Deodorants, 1 pr of Scotch Scissors,




Things That I Kept In Mind During My Shopping Trip:

  1. Remember the upcoming events or holidays. I stocked up on fruit snacks because the shelf life is a year and they make great treats for Halloween and/or Christmas goodie bags for my daughter’s class.
  2. I got a pair of scissors because with my coupon I didn’t pay anything. Now I can donate the scissors to a local school supply drive for a needy child.
  3. Many of you may have toddlers and know how expensive Pull-Ups can be. With the sale and coupon that I had, I paid $2.99 per pack. (43% savings / literally 3 packs for the price of 1)
  4. My daughter likes to bake and the pre-made Nestle Toll House cookies are a great way for her to have fun and they make a good snack for movie night. The cookies were on sale for 2.00 and my coupon made it 50 cents. Cheap and tasty fun!



The key to couponing is to create a stockpile that suits your needs. Don’t go overboard and only buy things that you will use. In the long run, you will save a lot of money and time on preparing for an event and/or holiday.


If you have coupon questions or comments about my blog, feel free to email me at



posted by Angela Guzman

I love things that are free. Here are a few of the latest free items that I have used. All of the items are 100% free, no strings attached. Enjoy!


Free Card from  Make sure that you input the code FRIEND12 in the promo box at the Checkout. (Don’t be alarmed that it doesn’t ask you to put the code in until after you have created the card.) Once you click checkout on the left hand side you there is a box to input the promotional code. It’s completely 100% free and they will even ship the card to the recipient for Free if you want. You can even upload a personal picture to the card.


This is good until from now through 8/5. Click HERE to make your free card!


My daughter loves to color. Visit: to get free coloring pages. No application to install, just click the page you want and best of all no print limit. So if you’re having a party or just trying to have some summer fun these pages make a great activity.

I printed about 15 pages for my daughter and then used some binding to create her own personal coloring book that displayed her favorite characters and animals.



If you’re a Virginia resident then you can sign up for a free season pass for your child (ages 3 – 5 years old). This year the pass is also valid as a season pass for Water Country USA . Just input your information and print out the pass that is emailed to you from the park. When you get to the park, present it to the ticket window and they’ll give you a plastic season pass that’s good for the rest of the season.

To sign up visit: Busch Gardens site



What kid doesn’t love Chuckie Cheese? Sign up for their promotional emails and on your child’s birthday Chuckie Cheese will email you a coupon valid for 20 FREE tokens. The great thing is that the coupon is valid for a 2 -3 week period, so you’ll have time to use it.

To sign up visit: Chuckie Cheese site


If you have coupon questions or comments about my blog, feel free to email me at


Tips To Start Extreme Couponing

posted by Angela Guzman

I love to save! My husband’s famous saying about me, when it comes to shopping, is that I’m tighter than the skin on an apple. I work too hard to waste money and with the constant rising prices of groceries I refuse to pay retail/full price. I’ve always used coupons but about a year ago I took an extreme couponing class and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I save on average up to 70% every week on groceries. Check out my tips to start couponing. Don’t pay attention to the reality shows that call production ahead of time to get their savings mapped out. You don’t need to quit your job or invest countless hours searching the internet or dumpsters for coupons. There’s nothing extreme about it…in my home we call it Realistic Couponing!!!



Living To The Fullest

posted by Angela Guzman

As I get older, I find myself becoming more nostalgic about life. I never want to forget riding off on the motorcycle with my husband the day we got married because that was one of the happiest moments of my life. I never want to forget how it felt to be turned down for writing jobs because that has fueled my ambition and reminded me to be humble. I never want to forget the day my daughter was born because she has made my life complete and gave everything meaning. Motherhood has opened my eyes and has taught me several life lessons.

As cliche as it may sound, life is too short not to be happy. Not just happy for the moment but happy with life. Okay, don’t get me wrong it’s not all rainbows and sunshine every day. There is a point where I reach my breaking point and feel like the world is against me but after my brief pity party I regain my composure and remember this too shall pass. Ask yourself, are you happy and what would you change that’s within your control? If it’s to speak up and stand up for yourself, get over your inhibitions and do it. If it’s to not be such a control freak, like yours truly, let others in and let go. I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s worth it.


One of the biggest lessons I have learned is not to sweat the small things. We can’t control everything and shouldn’t try to. I’m a type A, over achieving, control freak and it’s really hard to let go and know that I’m not going to be perfect. If people come over and the house is not immaculate and there are toys everywhere…its okay. If my daughter wants to wear her princess costume to the grocery store and bring her wand…its okay because you only live once. I’ve learned to do my best at what I’m currently doing and that it’s okay if I can’t do everything. I also added a new word to my vocabulary…no. I can’t do everything and even though at times I feel like I can take on the world, its okay if I can’t.

We cross paths with others for a reason and things do happen for a reason. No, I’m not saying that you accidentally left your lunch at home because you were destined to eat McDonalds. I am saying that we meet people along our way so that we can be in each others lives whether it’s to become friends, help each other or just be part of the journey. Yes, even the mean people in your life have a purpose. A friend of mine told me that we have to encounter mean people in our lives because if we didn’t then we may not have the ambition or determination, that they evoke in us, to accomplish our goals.


Becoming a mother opened my eyes to everything around me and became the driving force to be better. I wanted my daughter to have a strong woman to look up to. I never want her to think that she can’t accomplish something. It doesn’t have to take motherhood for anyone to have this epiphany.  Look around you, soak up life and figure out how you want to live the rest of your life. Maybe our paths have crossed because you were meant to be inspired by my profound life lessons or maybe you just accidentally clicked my link.  Coldplay says it best, “Fix You.”

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Couponing In Action
I went on my weekly grocery shopping trip and this is how I came out. 1st Order: Retail Cost: $168.49 Total Paid: $80.43 / Total Savings: $88.06 = 52% Items Included: 1 jar of Nutella, 6 boxes of fruit snacks, 2 bags of Doritos, 2 ...

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