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In response to Kathie’s comments on The Power of Poop post:

Unfortunately, many conventional medicine ‘experts’ do not place an emphasis on the therapeutic potency of functional elimination through the colon, kidney, skin and liver. The liver and colon play a critical role in the removal of fat soluble toxins beginning with a process called Phase I and Phase 2 conjugation. Some of you might have heard it called liver ‘detoxification.’ When we ignore the natural balance of our systems, we will see dysfunction and disease follow. When I describe optimal bowel elimination at 1-2 times a day, it is not my professional opinion- it’s a fact of nature. We wouldn’t argue that there is a certain relatively narrow and discrete oxygen level, pH level, temperature range, hydration state or calcium level, etc. that Nature, the Universe, or God has determined to be best for the human body. Why wouldn’t you believe that there would be a optimal set point for one of the most life stabilizing functions of your body- pooping?!

In this comment, it was interesting to note that she felt the worst when she reported more severe states of constipation. In Functional Medicine, her symptom set would easily guide a practitioner to ask about her biotransformation and detoxification efficiency.  Her symptom history is ‘textbook,’ as they say.   Note that once she was able to do EMDR, she reported feeling a transformation both physically and mentally. We all know that stress can be a root cause for constipation. In this case, once she addressed THE underlying trigger, her body was slowly able to resolve the psychological/emotional imbalance that was causing many of her earlier symptoms.

Our digestive system is vastly innervated and affected by the same chemical messengers that our brain uses to manifest emotions.  In simple English, humans have a very strong gut-brain connection.  You may have noted that you get ‘sick to your stomach’ with certain emotions, or a film that makes you feel sad is ‘gut wrenching.” It is not a coincidence (and we see it every day) that Kathie’s symptoms improved when her mental health corrected through EMDR.  The psychological roots of her disease were mended and her elimination pathways opened up again, restoring function to her ‘pooping’ efficacy.   When she was able to begin ‘getting the garbage out,’ other secondary symptoms began to clean up.   Alas, The Power of Poop!

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