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Welcome back to our second post on ‘To Soy or Not to Soy…”  I would highly encourage you to read my previous post as you will need that quick update to make the most out of this post.    Now, […]

One of the biggest debates in the health food-minded world today surrounds the use of soy and soy derived products.  Some extol the benefits of soy ranging from healthier skin to breast cancer prevention, while others condemn the bean as […]

Did you know that most people have a natural dip in their blood pressure (BP) while they are sleeping?  Yeah, it can drop up to 20-30 mm Hg (mm Hg means ‘millimeters of mercury’- nothing really important for you to […]

Newsflash:  “You should be taking a fish oil for good health!”  How many times have you heard the terms “fish oil,” “omega 3,” or “omega 3 fatty acid” being plastered in health bulletins or recommendations lately?  If you are paying […]

A potentially life-saving study was plastered all over the internet yesterday.  Job Stress May Raise Women’s Heart Attack Risk by Almost 90%!  This is at the ‘preliminary assessment’ state as the results have not been fully analyzed- basically meaning the […]

Addiction is a word that conjures up many images- usually of the heroin addict, the alcoholic or the chain smoker.  But have you ever thought about whether or not you might have an addiction to something less melodramatic?  Did you […]

I opened the doors to my practice years ago as a solo family practice doctor.  When I say ‘solo,’ I mean ‘solo.’  I was the check-in receptionist, the medical assistant, the physician, the check-out receptionist, the office manager and the […]