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So when we last left our Organic food blog, we talked about the Clean 17 (the ‘cleanest’ produce) and the Dirty Dozen (the most chemical-laden produce).  Chemical toxins were a big part of that discussion as the first factor that […]

In the last twenty years, Americans have been a part of a fast-growing movement.  It’s a movement so strong that even the nation’s largest food companies and retailers could not overlook it.   What could be responsible for $24.5 billion dollars […]

In the last post, we defined ‘organic’ and revealed the Clean 17.  Even with this list, the decision to buy organic is one that is not as black and white as it may seem.  The choice to purchase organic products […]

Dinnertime at my house was always different as compared to the typical house in Suburbia, USA.  As Asian Indians, we ate a vegetarian diet complete with grains, veggies, legumes and yoghurt.  We ate with our hands and did many things […]