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Working in an Integrative Medicine practice, I encounter many patients with high cholesterol and a resistance to taking certain cholesterol lowering medications.  Statins, including popular names like Lipitor, Zocor, Vytorin, Crestor and generic medications ending in -statin, have been associated […]

A well-informed mother brought her 18 month old daughter in for a routine well check.  Her daughter was diagnosed with a dairy allergy as a young infant and she was working hard to reduce/eliminate dairy from her daughter’s diet.  Surprisingly, […]

As a first born Asian Indian American growing up in New York City, I never spoke a word of English until I began school.  Naturally, my parents spoke to me in our mother tongue and conducted day to day life […]

Pap smear testing has come a long way.  Hopefully, your doctor is still not smearing your cells on a slide and spraying a fixative on it.  If you see a little liquid-filled vial on the counter, your doctor is likely […]

You might have read my latest blog and just maybe you wondered if you were low in Vitamin D.  If you didn’t wonder, then let me say it again because chances are, you are low!.  Most Americans do not have […]

Vitamin D is one of the “hottest” avenues of research in allopathic medicine* today.  There is increasing physician and patient awareness about having the right vitamin D level for optimal health.  Interestingly, vitamin D, the vitamin we get from the […]