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While going through photos, Martha Williamson discovered an interesting phenomenon: strangers were always waving. Martha believes it’s a way to pass a little more goodwill into the world and say “it’s good to be alive.” What do you think?

Martha Williamson believes that sometimes the miracle we’re looking for is not the miracle we need.

In response to her very popular video What Love Is, Martha Williamson shares some touching viewer comments which seem to have one thing in common: what love is comes down to what love does.

In this funny video, Martha Williamson explains how her husband lost his ring for the second time and then took the opportunity to turn the unfortunate event into a lesson about what’s really important in life. Watch Return of the […]

How the wrong road taught the right lessons. Martha Williamson shares how she was able to get through her wedding day encounter with an uninvited guest.

What’s your perfect day? Martha Williamson knows her perfect days are those spent with family.

What are you waiting for? Martha Williamson reminds us that we shouldn’t worry about who we used to be, instead, focus on who we want to become. To see another video about starting fresh each new day, watch A Brand […]

How to feel better about Valentine’s Day, especially if you weren’t looking forward to it! Martha Williamson shares unhappy stories of Valentine’s past, before she had the Valentine of her dreams.

Dear Friends, We’re keeping our Valentine’s video going through the week-end to encourage as many hearts as possible, especially the lonely ones. If you know someone who could use a boost on Valentine’s Day, please use the link above to […]

A window into a woman’s heart and mind. Martha Williamson shares a touching video where best-selling author, Kelly Corrigan, sums up what it means to be and have a best girlfriend. Watch the video from Kelly Corrigan.