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While participating in a traditional Mexican Posada with her children, Martha Williamson realized the importance of her children seeing her as someone more likely to say yes than no to those God places in front of her. And she hopes […]

If you’re separated from those you love this holiday season, Martha Williamson believes it’s okay to take the time to acknowledge your pain now so that you can make room in your heart for hope and joy later.

As Christmas approaches, Martha Williamson gives some practical advice on how to enjoy the day no matter where you spend it.

It’s all about trusting God! Martha Williamson looks for a miracle in Guideposts magazine and finds three of them.

Martha Williamson wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and shares her own reasons for being thankful this holiday.

Martha Williamson reminds us that it’s not what’s on the Thanksgiving table that matters, but who’s sitting around it.

What would you do with an extra one? As the summer comes to an end and we try to fit in everything we promised ourselves, Martha Williamson reminds us that the great miracle of this earth is that God’ll always […]

By inventing her own kind of “home shopping network,” Martha Williamson shares her secret of how she manages to get through Christmas without all of the last minute stressful shopping. She also reminds us that in life we don’t always […]

The symbol that will always keep its promise. Martha Williamson’s patriotic tribute to the symbol of our freedom, the American flag.

What does happiness look like to you? In this Fourth of July tribute, Martha Williamson reflects back on the Declaration of Independence and what the founding fathers really had in mind when they wrote about our right to pursue happiness.