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While visiting the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles, Martha Williamson became intensely aware of how tiny we really are, but more importantly, she was reminded of how God created everything with meaning and purpose, including us.

After freely giving to a homeless man on the street, Martha Williamson learned a powerful lesson about joy.

While struggling with a speech, Martha Williamson was reminded that amazing things can happen when we give up control and ask for God’s help.

Using a message form the past, Martha Williamson shares how a person’s faith can make a powerful difference.

While sitting in church one Sunday, Martha Williamson began contemplating the idea of what it is to be perfect versus being complete.

Martha Williamson shares the full list of inspiring ways to live your life as seen in her video A List to Live By. 1. Pray 2. Go to bed on time. 3. Get up on time so you can start […]

Sparked by a dinner conversation with her children while playing Table Topics, Martha Williamson was reminded of God’s enduring love through her child’s words.

Martha Williamson recalls an incident that occurred while shooting the revelation scene for a Touched By An Angel episode and how it impacted an actor’s life. For more information on the new Touched By An Angel: Inspiration Collections – Faith, […]

After reading your comments from the video “The Bucket List,” Martha Williamson was reminded that the most important things to do before we die – loving God and loving others – are the things that stay on the list forever.

Martha Williamson believes that anger serves no purpose if we let it take over our lives, but if we can turn that anger over to God and ask for the courage to change things, then that is what we call […]