A Touch of Encouragement

A Touch of Encouragement

The Same New Song

Martha Williamson believes that the experience of reading the Bible can be like hearing a song as it was meant to be sung; no matter how many times you hear it, it will always sound brand new.

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Dyan Raymond

posted June 1, 2010 at 9:47 am

Good Morning My Dear Martha,
I just finished reading the bible, and I couldn’t agree with you more. Martha, it’s strange, because when I read the Bible, I do feel those wonderful feelings that you describe. Needless to say, there is definitely a difference in how we feel when we have the spirit of the Lord within our souls. It shows in our daily lives, how we deal with people, how we look at things, what we say and how we say it. I can’t help but wonder if more people would give themselves a chance to compare the difference in their lives, when they read the Bible, and live it, versus when they don’t, that our world would be happier and a much better place to live. The reason I say this is because, I have compared the difference in my own life, to really see if there is a difference, truly, and there is!! I am quite a different person when I am faithful to God!
Thank you for reminding me of what really makes me happy!
With Love,

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posted June 1, 2010 at 11:33 am

Absolutely! Well said!

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posted June 1, 2010 at 8:12 pm

Hi Martha
You are such an insight to people who see your video . Yes you are right, when I resd the Bible ,which I try and read some every day . Its starts my day of good, and I realize how Jesus lived his life for us!!!!!.You really dont see this until you read his words.
Thank You Martha Again God Bless Angie

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posted June 1, 2010 at 8:18 pm

Where does true “wisdom” from opening the Bible and finding just what you need at that time, change into “delusion,” when you truly BELIEVE God is speaking straight to you?? I had this experience twice in my life, from reading “Good News for Modern Man.” The first time I picked it up and opened it randomly, it “spoke” to me, telling me what I seemed to NEED to “hear” right then. I had just gotten my “dream job” in the Senate; my first apartment; and was engaged to be married. I was “euphoric” beyond measure. The Bible seemed to tell me who my biological father was, and in my delusion, I wrote a lengthy Western Union wire to the doctor who had saved my life on countless operations, declaring HIM to be my father! The Bible told me many other things about my life, and I CLUNG to its wisdom…but…had I gone too far? My doctor made an appointment for me and my adoptive parents to meet in his office in two days. In his thoughtful, and quite measured way, he explained that, “This writing is NOT from you; it doesn’t even SOUND like you.” He then told my parents that I “needed a rest,” and was to be admitted to the psych ward that afternoon. (I lived in IL where my parents were visiting from, and was now in D.C.). I was soooo “high” from a manic episode, I believed that I was going somewhere to “get a rest,” not realizing that I was going on the mental ward of the hospital where my operations had occurred. But, from the moment I received my first medication, I had to accept that I had a serious mental illness. I was shocked and in disbelief. Here I was, “God’s daughter,” and my chemically-imbalanced-induced delusion was just that…a delusion! This was in 1968, and when I was released, I was hospitalized in another psychiatric hospital in IL. Two years later, the same experience of turning to “Good News” happened, and I was, again, hospitalized for mania. You’d think I would have learned my lesson, but with MENTAL ILLNESS you “go with the flow” of your dementia. How I WISH I could read the Bible again and NOT bring on hypothetical religious delusions!! But – “Good News” is “off-limits” to me, and I find comfort just reading BeliefNet and their Bible passages without “reading too much into them.” So, Martha, sometimes there IS a danger in believing scripture is “just for you.” I’m probably “one in a million” that this happens to…but you can let this be a warning to somebody else if they “believe” too much. Thank you for letting me educate your readers on your blog.

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Aude Guédon

posted June 2, 2010 at 10:53 am

Good afternoon, Martha.
I’m writting from France, and it’s not very easy for me to explain all what you make me feel, but I’m just trying. A few years ago, I discovered “Touched by an Angel” (in France, they recalled it: “Les Anges du Bonheur”). I just fell in love with it! Not only because it was talking about God and Angels, but because I felt it was “written by Angels themselves”. As if they inspired you and blew the words in your soul. I really felt I was blessed to have discovered this. And, as you need to share what you feel when you love God, I wanted to make “Touched by an Angel” known by many people, here, in France, but it’s really difficult. The trouble is that it has been hardly showed on TV, and we can’t find it on DVD (I made some come from Usa, but they don’t suit with our french material). Also, I can’t show them to anybody. I’m sad for french people who won’t know this God’s Gift. And, though I discovered (thanks God) “A touch of encouragement”, I can’t share it, as it’s difficult for many people to understand american’speaking. So, I feel in trouble, because I’d like to share this “touch of encouragement”… What you say is so real, deep and simple at the same time, that we know it’s God’s blow. It touches me. Really.
About “The same new song”, I do believe that the Bible is really written for all of us together… and for each one particularly. And I do believe that every word sounds new every day… simply sounding as if God was singing for us the song He knows we need to hear this brand new day : same words for everyone, but sounding different according to the day, the feeling, the needing… and the human. Really as a same song we would often listen, but never hear exactly the same : allways discovering a new note ringing so beautyfully just for our soul. God knows what everyone needs. God sings the good song for everyone, at the goog moment. His Bible is his song for us to feel better… and to find the good way to walk on, day after day. He sings for everyone, as a mother sings for her child when he needs to be reassured. What a wonderfull music…
And your “song” Martha,the one you sang in “Touched by an Angel”, and the one you go on singing in “A Touch of encouragement”, is a kiss of God put on this world.
Thank you, Martha. God bless you.
With all my heart. Aude.

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