A Touch of Encouragement

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Dear Friends,
Last month I shared with you the exciting news that select episodes of Touched By An Angel have been released in two specially-themed collections – Touched By An Angel: Inspiration Collection – Hope and Holiday. Since then, the wonderful reception these new DVDs are receiving has truly blessed me and I just wanted to say thank you for all your kind support and comments on A Touch of Encouragement. Knowing that the message of the show is still finding its way into homes and touching new hearts means the world to me.
Recently, I had the privilege of sitting down with Beliefnet to talk in-depth about the Inspiration collection and what Touched By An Angel means to me. Needles to say, I’ve done a lot of interviews over the years but this one was different. We not only covered the familiar topics of God and faith, but I also heard some questions I’d never been asked before! Which angel do I relate to the most? If I could produce another episode today, what would it be? I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to share how Touched affects my life and my faith, and I hope you enjoy Beliefnet’s article, “Martha Williamson and ‘Touched By An Angel’.”
Love to all,

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