A Touch of Encouragement

Somewhere in Texas there’s a little boy named Logan who broke my heart this morning.

I had gone online to begin writing today’s blog, intending to post a response to Carol Aragon from Brazil who wrote me a most moving comment after watching our “Oh, Holy Night, Part 2” video. Carol said she was ready to give up on the world, but reading our website last week had opened a window and let in some light. Here is her sweet letter in full:
Dear Martha,
I am from Brazil and i was a big fan of Touched by an Angel! I received your
message today and, with my bad-bad english, i could understand everything you
said in video! And your story touched my heart. I have to say that i’m loosing
my faith about the world and the people, but… today, listening your message
some light inside me turned on.
Thank you. Thank you very much. And sorry my terrible english!
God bless you!
I wanted to thank you, Carol, and encourage you to never give up on the world. I thought it would be an easy thing to write you today as I set up my laptop in a cozy corner sipping hot chocolate while the snow swirls peacefully outside. But then the first thing I saw as I logged on was the news of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination. It reminded me of a Christmas terrorist attack in Rome’s airport decades ago. And then I started thinking of all the violence around the world since. And, before I knew it, I was now searching for a window of light myself.
I clicked on my e-mails and my sister had forwarded this video: “Logan’s Calf.” Apparently a twelve-year-old cowboy named Logan called into a local Houston radio station and shared a story that has already found its way into four million homes. I heard it for the first time about five minutes ago and my family and I are still wiping the tears from our eyes. As a Christian, his words have special meaning for me. But his courage and desire to find light in the darkness and share it with others should inspire anyone who is ready to give up on the world today.

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