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Today’s New York Times features an article entitled: “Graphics Ability Is the New Goal for Chip Makers.”  Consumers, it appears, are less interested in light, svelte laptops and more interested in graphics power. One striking excerpt: By some forecasts, video […]

This is the title of a USA Today opinion piece in today’s edition. The author, Mark Vernon, has recently published The Meaning of Friendship. Here are some excerpts from his article: Indeed, we might feel as if we are suddenly […]

An article in yesterday’s New York Times caught my eye: “You Say God is Dead? There’s an App for That.” The article describes the proliferation of PDA apps that are meant to help people debate religious truth. On the atheist […]

I just finished reading an intriguing article in the New York Times: “We Have Met the Enemy and He Is PowerPoint” by Elisabeth Bumiller. Bumiller documents the omnipresence of PowerPoint in military briefings as well as the growing disdain for […]