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My (much younger) daughter and (much younger) me in Little Lakes Valley, along Rock Creek, in California. Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The hike to this spot isn’t terribly difficult. In fact, […]

Yesterday I blogged on what I believe to be the best chocolate in the world. Now I realize that judgments likes this are rather subjective. And I’d be more than happy to be introduced to an even better chocolate! So, […]

I am a chocolate fan. You might even say I’m a chocoholic, expect I try hard to eat chocolate in moderation. Some of my favorite chocolates come from Europe (Valrhona) and South America (Chuao), but I think the best chocolate […]

Today I am impressed to recommend a couple of the finest online resources for material related to faith, culture, and the connection between them. Patheos The first resource is Patheos. Patheos is a website that seeks to offer top-notch resources […]

One of the unusual features of Laity Lodge is our interest in and excitement for the arts. At the Laity Lodge retreat center we have The Cody Center, an art gallery that doubles as a concert hall. The Cody Center […]

This past weekend at Laity Lodge I got to know Allen Levi. He was the musician for our retreat. And what a musician he is! I expect that some of you know Allen already. He has a strong reputation as […]

This past weekend I preached at Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas. The first thing that strikes one about that church is the striking view from the parking lot. Whether by day . . . or in the dimming […]

I just read a fascinating online article that I’d like to share with you. It chronicles a fascinating piece of academic detective work. It isn’t quite The Da Vinci Code, but it moves in the same domain. Before I give […]

Singer/songwriter Sara Groves was just awarded Christianity Today’s Album of the Year for 2009. Fireflies and Songs was, according to the magazine, the “runaway No. 1 choice” for Album of the Year, according to a panel of ten music critics. […]

Today, I want to recommend three great websites. I have been visiting these websites for several years with great appreciation. I have recommended them before, but they’re worth another shout out. Holy Land Photos This website offers thousands of photos […]