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As of April 13, 2011, you can find Mark’s blog here.


Recommended Music

Jeff Johnson and Phil Keaggy, who teamed up at Laity Lodge a couple of years ago, were inspired to produce this album inspired by the Frio Canyon, where Laity Lodge is located. Frio Suite, an instrumental collection, is moving, relaxing, and inspiring. You can check it out and/or purchase it at Amazon or on iTunes.



Laity Lodge

A unique retreat and leadership center in the Hill Country of Texas, where Mark serves as Senior Director. Laity Lodge offers retreats throughout the year, featuring leading speakers,authors, musicians, and artists. Check out the Laity Lodge website for more information, and this page for images of Laity Lodge.


The High Calling

The High Calling, a website related to Laity Lodge, encourages all Christians to live out their faith in daily life. Check out this website for a wide array of free resources, including: in-depth interviews with top leaders, Bible studies, practical advice on leadership, and much more. Mark’s Daily Reflections appear on this site.


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