Mark D. Roberts

Laity Lodge Pastors’ Sabbath Retreat

February 7-10, 2011


What is the Laity Lodge Pastors’ Sabbath Retreat?

As the name indicates, this retreat will be a real retreat, a time of Sabbath, an opportunity for you to rest and to be refreshed. Yes, we’ll have an excellent program. But the pacing of the retreat will maximize renewal and reflection.

Earlier this year we hosted our first Pastors’ Sabbath Retreat. It was a marvelous time, one of my favorite retreats at Laity Lodge. We heard encouraging feedback from the pastors and church staff members who attended. Several spoke of feeling welcome and “at home”. One pastor said that he had been to dozens of pastors’ retreats and conferences, but this was the first one where he left feeling truly encouraged and recharged. Many were grateful for the combination of biblical teaching and intentional worship, as well as lots of time for rest and conversation with pastoral peers.

Who Will Be Leading the Retreat?

This year we are pleased to welcome as speaker Dr. M. Robert Mulholland, a retired professor of New Testament from Asbury Seminary and a pastor of a church in Maine. Bob is a brilliant, humble, deeply spiritual man. In addition to his scholarly writing, he has written two marvelous books on spiritual growth: Invitation to a Journey: A Road Map for Spiritual Formation and The Deeper Journey: The Spirituality of Discovering Your True Self. Bob will be speaking on the theme: “The Ministry of Cruciform Love.”

Joining Bob on our resource team will be Chad Karger, a pastoral counselor and spiritual director, who focuses now on helping pastors to be continually renewed in their relationship with God. Chad’s ministry of BetterDays is impacting dozens of church leaders in the greater Houston area. Chad will help lead the retreat through his teaching, listening, counsel, and prayer.

Our musician for the retreat will be Beth Pinney, who, for fifteen years, has been the worship leader of Laguna Presbyterian Church in California. Beth, an M.Div. graduate of Fuller Seminary, will help us approach God’s throne of grace through songs, hymns, readings, and prayers.

What are the Details?

The retreat begins on Monday, February 7, with a reception at 6:30 p.m. It ends on Thursday, February 10, with brunch at 11:00 a.m.

The cost for this retreat will be $250 (Standard, double, occupancy) and $300 (Black Bluff, double occupancy). Spouses are welcome at the same rates. We do have scholarship funds available. If you’d like to register, or need more information please visit our website. You may also contact our registrar, Ann Jack (, 830-792-1207).

For more photos of Laity Lodge, or to view a brief video, check out this page.

I hope you’ll be able to join us in February. It will be a special time of refreshment and renewal . . . indeed, a Pastors’ Sabbath.