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If you like curling up with your dog or cat when you sleep, USA Today has bad news for you:  “Sleeping next to pets could be harmful, study says.” According to professors of veterinary medicine, there is a chance that […]

You hear a lot these days about science and religion. Most anti-religious folk claim that science undermines or even contradicts religious faith. As evidence for this claim (which, by the way, is not scientific, but philosophical), they point to the […]

Three recent articles in the news caught my eye. New Edition Cleans Up Huckleberry Finn A new edition of Mark Twain’s classic novel, Huckleberry Finn, is being published. This version cleans up the text, replacing the N-word (used 219 times) […]

Check out this fascinating little article in the New York Times. Who’d a thunk it?

Today’s New York Times features an article entitled: “Graphics Ability Is the New Goal for Chip Makers.”  Consumers, it appears, are less interested in light, svelte laptops and more interested in graphics power. One striking excerpt: By some forecasts, video […]

Oliver Sacks, a physician and bestselling author, has written an intriguing piece in the New York Times. “This Year, Change Your Mind” suggests ways we can keep our minds healthy and alive, even as we age. Here are some excerpts: […]