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What would Jesus think about the National Day of Prayer? Jon Meacham, editor of Newsweek, thinks he knows. But is he right? WWJT? Last Friday I began to comment on the upcoming National Day of Prayer. It’s slated for this […]

On a recent Southwest airlines flight, I read a fascinating article in Spirit, the official airline magazine. “Last Tech” by Lauren Parajon (March 2010, pp. 82-92) chronicled some recent technological changes. Some of these were familiar; some were surprising. You […]

Last Thursday I read a striking op-ed piece in the New York Times.  It was written by Dick Brass, a former VP for Microsoft. Brass argues that Microsoft has become a place where genuine innovation is discouraged. Here are a […]

I read an AP story this morning by Ted Anthony: “Quake Relief: The culture of now v. the real world.”  Anthony’s point is that there is a gap between people’s expectations for how quickly help shold come to the Haitian […]

I read a provocative piece in the New York Times today, “Snack Time Never Ends,” by Jennifer Steinhauer. Her basic observation (and gripe) has to do with the omnipresence of snacks for children. Here are a some excerpts: Not a […]

Warning: The Office spoilers ahead. If you have doubted the power of the Internet to impact culture, consider last week’s big event on The Office.  After seasons of waiting, Pam and Jim finally got married. The “Niagara” episode offered its […]

Note: I’ll get back to my Thin Places series soon. Sorry for the delay. On a recent trip through the Dallas Fort Worth airport, I was surprised that they’re selling copies of USA Today on the honor system. The copies […]

The British Humanist Association is now putting advertisements on buses. They read: “THERE’S PROBABLY NO GOD. NOW STOP WORRYING AND ENJOY YOUR LIFE.” I’m not surprised that some British atheists believe there’s probably no God, or even that they’re willing […]

Are shoppers turning into zombies? Yes, they are, ccording to John Morris, a Wachovia retailing analyst. “You walk the mall, and consumers look like zombies. They’re there in person, but not in spirit.” Why zombie shopping? Because of the nation’s […]