Mark D. Roberts

quitness-beer-4.jpgWell, it looks like Cleveland isn’t quite through pummeling LeBron James for abandoning their fair city to join the Miami Heat.

Now, the Great Lakes Brewing Co. has released a new pale ale in honor of LeBron. It’s name? Quitness. That’s right, Quitness. (I’m assuming this is based on the name Guinness, but I’m not sure. Added note: Joe Proletariat adds an explanatory comment below: “”Quitness” is a pun on Lebron’s slogan “witness.” Thanks, Joe. You nailed it.)

According to the Great Lakes Brewing Co. website, Quitness is a “Pale Ale that is as bitter as the mood of Cleveland these days!” That must be pretty bitter.

Remind me never to do anything that upsets residents of Cleveland!

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