Mark D. Roberts

fact-facts-app-5.jpgAn article in yesterday’s New York Times caught my eye: “You Say God is Dead? There’s an App for That.” The article describes the proliferation of PDA apps that are meant to help people debate religious truth.

On the atheist side, we have the Bible Thumper iPhone app that supplies skeptics with verses from the Bible that tend to make believers stumble. For believers, there are apps such as Fast Facts, which supplies data for Christians who need to defend the existence of truth or the uniqueness of the Bible or dozens of other similar claims. (Hey, maybe that would have helped me in my marathon three-hour debate with Christopher Hitchens! Well . . . probably not.)

So, what do you think? Is this helpful? Unhelpful? Silly? Just another way for people to make a buck? Or . . . ?

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