Mark D. Roberts

Over five years ago, we got our dog, Sandy, a mellow Golden Retriever. Sandy is about a good-natured as a dog can be. She has only growled once in her life . . . when she saw a cow in the next door neighbor’s property, through our wire fence. Sandy got down on the ground and growled. Then, when the cow didn’t respond, she walked over to the cow and they sniffed each other’s noses for a while. A new friend for Sandy!
A few months after we got Sandy, Lily, a cat, joined our family. She had been on her own for a while, and had no patience for dogs. She spurned Sandy’s interest, and if Sandy got too close, Lily would put slap at her. In the photo to the left, you see the result of one of Lily’s ways of tormenting Sandy. Lily would approach her, get her attention, and then begin to run away. Sandy would give chase. Lily would hide under some piece of furniture where she couldn’t be reached. Sandy would lie glumly on the ground, getting an occasion slap from Lily. In the video to the right, you’ll see what happened when Sandy got too close. Though I’ve added the soundtrack, the visual is unedited.
Well, since 2005, Sandy and Lily have shared a lot of life together. Lily will still tempt Sandy to chase her. And Sandy will still fall for the trap, like Charlie Brown trying to kick Lucy’s football. But there are times when the two animals seem to enjoy each other’s company. Proof can be found in the undoctored photos below:

Nothing like enjoying the sun with your best friend!

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