Mark D. Roberts

One of the unusual features of Laity Lodge is our interest in and excitement for the arts. At the Laity Lodge retreat center we have The Cody Center, an art gallery that doubles as a concert hall. The Cody Center includes two art studios in which retreat participants can do art and not just look at it. We always have an artist in residence who provides guidance for those who visit the studios, which are fully stocked with top-notch supplies, and which are available to our guests at no additional charge. (Photo: Inside of the Cody Center art gallery.)
At the most recent Laity Lodge retreat, our artist in residence was Kathy Hastings. She is, among other things, an amazing photographer.  Here is a photo of one of Kathy’s masterpieces. It’s called “Stone Wave. Maestoso.” It is a photo of one of the canyon walls at Laity Lodge, along the Frio River.

Kathy’s art has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. But you can enjoy her work by visiting her website.  If you take some time to explore this site, you’ll be glad you did.
Kathy has recently been involved in the By/For Project.  This endeavor seeks to create works of art “by the church and for the church.” By/For has featured works by such leading artists as Michael Card and Makoto Fujimura. The artists who are involved with the By/For Project are giving away what they produce. That’s the “for the church” part of the By/For vision.

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