Mark D. Roberts

This past weekend I preached at Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas. The first thing that strikes one about that church is the striking view from the parking lot.
Whether by day . . .

or in the dimming light of evening . . .

the Texas Hill Country never looked better than from the church parking lot.
But, of course, this says very little about the church (other than that, in days gone by, some wise church members secured a fine piece of property for their church buildings). My experience of the church – by which I mean the people – of Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church was as impressive as the view. They are friendly, committed, eager to learn God’s truth, and committed to worship.
The worship services (there are three on Sunday morning) were warm and reverent. They focused on God, but made connections to the lives of the worshipers. I won’t comment on the sermon last Sunday, since I preached it, but the preaching pastor of WHPC, Dr. Peter Barnes, is an excellent expositor of God’s Word.
I was impressed by this church’s concern for folks beyond themselves. In particular, last week they encouraged contributions for Haiti relief in the worship services. In addition, the leaders of the church had committed some mission funds to this purpose as well.
I know of several fine churches in Austin. Now I’ve added on to the list. If you’re on the west side of town, I’d encourage you to check out Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church. Tell them Mark Roberts sent you. (Well, on second thought, there’s no purpose in telling them this.)
One final photo: the cross in the front of the WHPC church campus. This side reads: “When I am lifted up.” The other side reads, “I will draw all people to myself.”

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