Mark D. Roberts

Yesterday I went to one of my favorite restaurants in Boerne, Texas. It’s called the Hungry Horse, and it specializes in Texas-style food: chicken fried steak, burgers, steamed veggies, appetizers, giant salads, etc. etc. As I was standing in line to order (it’s an order at the counter establishment), I noted the sign to the right. That’s right. The Hungry Horse as a Lent Special. [Oops. Typo! As Paul points out below, I could get in trouble with the animal rights people. It should read: The Hungry Horse has a Lent Special.] It’s fish, as you might guess. And it must be good, because the bottom of the sign reads: “Mmmmmmmmm. . . . .”
I think a Lent Special chicken burger is fine, though I’m not sure “spicy tartar on the side” is really a Lenten option. And, given the oleaginous wonder of Hungry Horse Onion Rings, I’m not sure these would fit in Lent. In fact, they’d be something you should give up for Lent!
No, I didn’t order the Lent Special. I’m a big fan of the Hungry Horse Chicken Salad. And I didn’t give up chicken for Lent, so no worries!
Anybody else see any Lent Specials out there?

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