Mark D. Roberts

glasses seeing clearly
I recently got a new pair of glasses. I hadn’t had my prescription for my glasses updated in a few years, so it was about time. As it turned out, my distance vision had improved, while my up-close vision had deteriorated. So I definitely needed some new lenses. These lenses, in addition to being just right for my aging eyes, also had a special treatment to reduce glare. The optician promised that I’d see much more clearly if I added this extra (and not inexpensive) treatment.
When I first put on my new pair of glasses in the doctor’s office, I had an experience I’ve only had once or twice in my life, also when putting on new glasses for the first time. The world looked startingly clear and precise. In fact, everything around me almost looked falsely crisp because I had become used to living in a state of bluriness. Even several days after first trying on my new glasses, I continue to marvel at how sharp the world looks.
This is exactly what happens, or what should happen, at any rate, when we become Christians and begin to see life through the lens of Scripture. We’re still looking at the same things – the same actions, events, conflicts, challenges, people, institution, and even ourselves – but we see them differently, with greater clarity. Such vision should enable us to live with new meaning and significance as we seek to live as citizens of God’s kingdom.

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