Mark D. Roberts

The British Humanist Association is now putting advertisements on buses. They read: “THERE’S PROBABLY NO GOD. NOW STOP WORRYING AND ENJOY YOUR LIFE.”
I’m not surprised that some British atheists believe there’s probably no God, or even that they’re willing to pay good money to get our their “gospel.”  I do find it curious, however, that advice to theists is “Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.” I’m a theist (obviously), and I’m not worrying because I believe there is a God. In fact, my belief in God helps me to worry much less than I would if I were an agnostic or atheist. I guess that, in the eyes of British atheists and agnostics, those who believe in God tend to worry. Perhaps they think that we’re worried about God’s judgment of our sin, or that if we enjoy life, God won’t be happy with us.
I also believe that my life has more joy because of my faith in God. Sure, there are some things that I don’t do because I’m a Christian, activities that some folks seem to count as fun. I don’t get drunk. I don’t cheat on my wife. I don’t spend all of my money on myself because I give some away. But I’m not convinced that such activities actually make a person’s life any more joyful. In fact, some of my most sublime joys have come in the context of my relationship with God.
If I were to redo the bus sign, I’d say: “THERE’S PROBABLY NO GOD. SO START WORRYING AND MAKE A MESS OF YOUR LIFE.” Well, actually it’s more likely that I’d say, “THERE IS A GOD. SO STOP WORRYING AND GET THE MOST OUT OF LIFE.”

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