Mark D. Roberts

Today as I was scanning the latest edition of The Boerne Star, my hometown paper, I read several headlines that impressed me as being unlike anything I had seen in a while . . . maybe ever. The headlines included:Boerne Star
Sewer leads city agenda
A front page headline. Not exactly going to sell many papers. The Boerne Star has a monopoly here, if you hadn’t guessed.
County considers deer hunt at park
Back in California, somebody would sue if officials tried to trap rats in a park. Here, they’re willing to shoot Bambi’s mother. (P.S. There are so many deer in this area that the land cannot support them. Hunting is rather like pruning.)
Boerne Brawl
A recent baseball game between the Boerne High Greyhounds and the New Braunfels Canyon Cougars included a 20 minute scuffle. New thing you know we’ll be hunting cougars.
Property values up in Kendall County
Huh? What? I just moved from California. Of course the downside is that property taxes will be going up.
Coral Snake: Our colorful, but shy neighbor
Oh, did I forget to mention “colorful, poisonous, sometimes deadly, but shy neighbor.”

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