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A couple of weeks ago I put up a post on the commercialization of Lent. I was surprised by a sign for a restaurant that advertised a Lenten special. I don’t recall ever seeing such a thing in California. At least there weren’t Lenten specials in Irvine, as near as I can remember.
I received a number of comments on this post. Some people said that Lenten food specials weren’t unusual. Ted Olsen had a particularly interesting comment on other Lenten food specials.
Well, I’ve been keeping my eyes open, and have seen a couple more Lenten specials in restaurants. Usually they feature some sort of fish. This morning I saw such a promotion at one of my favorite haunts in Boerne, the Boerne Grill. This quaint restaurant features a simple, tasty menu, and is connected to The Daily Grind coffee house. Today, the Boerne Grill is promoting their Lenten special, which offers you a choice of Crawfish Etoufee or Catfish Po-Boys. (In case you’re wondering, an etouffee is a Creole dish with a gumbo-like stew served over rice. A po-boy is a Louisiana version of a submarine sandwich with some fried meat or fish inside.)
Whether it’s Lent or not, if you’re ever in Boerne and looking for a cup of coffee or a good, simple meal, check out the Boerne Grill on Main Street. I’m especially fond of their breakfast “tacos,” an inexpensive way to get some decent protein into your system in the morning. The Boerne Grill has wireless Internet, by the way, though the connection is usually pretty slow. Their coffee drinks are typically tasty, and they feature a variety of coffee options in a serve-yourself bar. Oh, they have tasty pastries as well.

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