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Tod Bolsinger of It Takes a Church has a helpful piece on icons and the Trinity. Check this out, especially if you’re inclined to be skeptical of the role if icons in spiritual life.
Sometimes Ben Witherington, New Testament professor and prolific author, just cracks me up. Check out his piece on “Old Wisdom” and enjoy a good chuckle.
Richard Mouw, president of Fuller Seminary, weighs in on the value of hymns in “Hymns as Compacted Theology.”
Brandon O’Brien, writing for Out of Ur (Leadership Journal of Christianity Today) asks “Is the Pastorate Pagan?” in his brief review of Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola and George Barna).
Laity Lodge has begun to post video clips on YouTube. Check out this short clip featuring J.I. Packer, a frequent speaker at Laity Lodge. You can find other Laity Lodge clips of Packer here.


And from the sublime to the ridiculous, my most popular YouTube video, “Journey to Atlantis, Sea World, San Diego, CA” just passed 50,000 views. You can view it here. Sorry about the obnoxious music. My other videos are here.



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