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My friend and colleague, Marcus Goodyear, has recently posted an excellent interview of Francis Collins on The High If you’re not familiar with Collins, he’s one of the world’s leading scientists and also an articulate Christian. Just to entice you, here are three excerpts:

But in the scientific community, there’s a kind of taboo about talking about faith. That topic will empty the seminar room about as quickly as anything you could bring up. There’s a sense that it’s not an appropriate topic to discuss at work. (Photo: Francis Collins)
As a scientist who is also a believer, virtually everything that we uncover day after day about the human genome and how it works is also a glimpse of God’s mind. My work is a celebration of our understanding of nature, but more importantly a celebration of what God has done.
The Human Genome Project was an international team effort unlike anything that had ever been done in biology before. The challenge was to convince people to work together in harmony, to divide up the labor in an equitable way, to try to be sure that the hundreds of people working on this project all were given some credit for what they were doing. They weren’t just cogs in a wheel. We had to take full advantage of the incredible intelligence brought to the table by some of the best and brightest scientists of our generation.

Be sure to read the whole interview. And stay tuned for Part 2, coming soon.
Oh, and while you’re at it, you might check out this humorous and ironic piece from Ramblin’ Dan. If you’ve ever had you’re phone call answered by somebody in India, you’ll appreciate Dan’s honesty and perspective.

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