Mark D. Roberts

A recent edition of the San Antonio Express-News contained a curious bit of information. The paper’s website was supposed to feature a column by George Will, in which he would explain how John McCain has rejected Republican principles. BUT, if you look closely, paying attention to the captions, you see something altogether suspicious. We hear a lot these days about collusion between the media and political candidates. But now we seem to be witnessing something new, something scary. This looks more like The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Who is the real John McCain? And what does he really look like? Are John McCain and George Will interchangable? Are they really one person? Perhaps a space alien who can change forms at will? Could John McCain/George Will be a new Terminator? Who knows? (Photo to the right: A page from the San Antonio Express-News, January 21, 2008. Photo below: An unedited closeup of the bottom of the page.)

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