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I’m putting up links to several Christmas and related resources. I’m doing this, in part, for listeners of the Hugh Hewitt radio show. Today Hugh and I will be talking about Christmas together, and the resources to which I’m linking […]

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Christmas Eve or Christmas Day [Re-light the three purple candles and the pink candle] We Celebrate the Birth of Christ In the season of Advent we have used the Advent wreath and its candles to help us get ready for […]

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The Lighting of the Fourth Candle: Waiting for the Son For the Fourth Sunday of Advent (or thereabouts) [Re-light two purple candles and the pink candle.] We Remember the Meaning of Advent Advent is a word that means “coming” or […]

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Part 1 in the series: More Christmas Carol Surprises Permalink for this post / Permalink for this series Three years ago I did a blog series called Christmas Carol Surprises. As we draw near to Christmas, I thought it might […]

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Today I’m celebrating the birthday of one of the finest people I know . . . my son, Nathan. I don’t always blog about my children’s birthdays, but Nathan is turning 15 today, and it seems right to honor him. […]

A Great Christmas Post Marcus Goodyear, my colleague in the H.E. Butt Foundation, has become one of my favorite bloggers. Marcus has lots of fascinating things to say about all sorts of topics, but I love his commentary on family […]