Mark D. Roberts

. . . for a special announcement.
Tod Bolsinger, my friend, fellow pastor and blogger, is preparing to run the Chicago marathon. Why? A change to get away from San Clemente, California to enjoy the Windy City? Probably not. An effort by an almost middle-aged man to preserve his svelte youthfulness? Perhaps.
But, seriously, Tod and several other from his church are running in this marathon to raise money for World Vision’s work in Nkohma, Malawi in Africa. For the most part, the money they raise will be used to help children get adequate nutrition and education, so that they might escape the web of poverty. All of this will be done quite explicitly in the name of Christ. (Tod is the second to the right in this picture.)
Please support Tod and his team, at least with your prayers. If you’re inclined to add some financial support, you can do so easily from Tod’s website. It takes about 90 seconds, and you can give any amount you choose.
Tomorrow I’ll get back to our regularly schedule blog on the mission of the church. But, in a sense, today’s post is a marvelous illustration of that mission in action.

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