Mark D. Roberts

This week saw the launch of a new ministry, MissionInsite. MissionInsite provides demographic data to churches and denominational bodies, so that they might minister more effectively to their own members and to their neighbors. Or, to put it in the terms of my latest series, MissionInsite will help the church be more faithful in our missional calling.
What makes MissionInsite special? Basically, they offer unmatched ability for a church or other Christian organizations to understand the people they serve and are called to reach. MissionInsite uses ground-breaking computer technology to allow organizations to get precisely the information they want in precisely the form that is most helpful for them. MissionInsite doesn’t offer pre-packaged information. Rather, organizations gain online access to almost infinite configurations of data. They can get exactly what they need to help them understand and advance their ministries.
I have been aware of the development of MissionInsite for some time, because one of the ministry’s co-founders is a good friend of mine. Mike Regele, author of Death of the Church, has been a consultant to churches and denominational bodies for years. He has earned the respect of church leaders everywhere because of his unusual offering of biblical vision, helpful data, solid wisdom, and personal integrity. Mike and his colleuages have developed a marvelous new tool for the church in MissionInsite. I recommend them highly.
For more information, check out the MissionInsite website.

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