Mark D. Roberts

San Antonio, Texas, is an amazing city. Of course it’s been in the news recently because of all the flooding that’s happened there this summer. But, excess water aside, San Antonio has a unique charm. It is also one of the largest cities in America, the seventh largest to be exact, following Phoenix and just ahead of San Diego and Dallas.
Perhaps the most well known part of San Antonio is the Alamo, the small mission that became a famous fort during the war between Texas and Mexico. Today, the Alamo is a popular tourist attraction. I took the photo below in the evening a few days ago.

My favorite part of San Antonio is the Riverwalk, which even has its own website. In the middle of the city, the Riverwalk is a charming, romantic site. Yes, you walk alongside part of the San Antonio River on creatively designed sidewalks, passing open cafés and shops. The photo below was taken a few minutes after the one of the Alamo.

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