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I was crawling the net the other day, looking for parental abuse cases (don’t ask why, you REALLY don’t want to know) and came across a true gem. A pair of children sue their mother for “bad mothering.” Now you know […]

Tell Valentine’s Day to kick rocks. Call up Christmas and say, “you can keep your three hoes, Santa.” Message the Ides of March and tell it to…well, I don’t know exactly what people do on the Ides of March aside from […]

There are a lot of confused people out there, say roughly every last person in the country. The sheer complexity of modern life, where you daily use things that you can not understand, combined with the deliberate confusopoly of advertising […]

Not a day goes by that I don’t get one question, one very baffling and kind of troubling question: “He/she is married.  Should I date him/her?” No.  No you shouldn’t.  No matter what the situation, NO. “But the marriage is […]

As a man, there are certain things that I am just not built to understand about women. Why it can take so long to get ready in the morning; how two women can seemingly have four different conversations at the […]

I talk about signs a lot here on Beliefnet. I’ve posted blogs about signs if he is cheating, signs that he’s not into you, signs you’re his ‘Back Pocket Girl’ and everything in-between. I do this because these posts are all about behavior, […]

They say that for every person there is the perfect partner. One person who will mesh with you and complete you. It’s total crap, of course, there are usually dozens of them. The problem is weeding out the idiots, jerks […]

Is he cheating on you? I don’t know. Probably? It’s better to be safe than sorry, girl. A recent article in a popular woman’s magazine says he is. Who am I to argue with such literature? They use scientific science! […]

It’s a question I get a surprising amount of the time: “My boyfriend is into [X] and I have no idea what [X] even is.  Help!”  It’s good when you want to take an interest in your significant other’s way […]

You know, I never see Facebook campaigns about basic civility.  I know, I know, I sound like a grouchy old man, but I hate seeing “repost this if you hate cancer”, because everybody hates cancer: you’re just extorting attention. How […]