Make Your Relationship Work
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While it started out as a place to reconnect with grade school classmates and play Farmville, Facebook has (whether we like it or not) increasingly become a major part of our daily lives. Seeing as how employers and lawyers use […]

Every so often I’ll get a question around here that makes me feel like it needs more than just a quick answer. Such is the case with an anonymous question I received yesterday that goes a little something like this: […]

One of the most intriguing parts about any relationship discussion is the fact that men and women swear that neither of us understand the other one. We try to explain ourselves, largely to unsuccessful results. Honestly, I think that’s part […]

This is a short one, as I want reader input here. Sometimes talking is good. The blog is a starter seed, the info will hopefully be in the comments. Get a lot of questions in about Mr. Right. How to […]

Every year new studies about women came out. Some “proving” that women “depend” on social media while men just look up the weather and sports scores, others that women are “biologically” less funny than men.  They are both, of course, […]

I had an interesting discussion the other day about a married man who has been stringing along his mistress for four years. As we all agreed, the guy was clearly never going to leave his wife for her. After four years, […]

You should’ve known better, but you couldn’t help yourself – you dipped your pen in the company ink. Whether it was a one-nighter after the office Christmas party or a secret six-month relationship, you’ve created quite a dilemma now that […]

These days, just saying you’re dating isn’t enough. Thanks to social networking, and the natural evolution of the English language, we have so many different terms for dating, engaging in casual sex, and being in a serious relationship. In addition, […]

If you are in a romantic relationship, you will fight with your partner at some point in time. Yeah, I know, your relationship is all hearts and butterflies and you can’t imagine ever quarreling with your snookums, but you will, […]

I remember reading an article somewhere (forgive me mama for I can’t remember) about this woman who broke up with her beau because of the kind of car he drove. On the list of superficial reasons to break up with […]