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Jay, I’d like you to revisit a little blog-versation we had a few months back.  A Department of Homeland Security memo had suggested that it was important for law enforcement agents to concern themselves with domestic, not just foreign, terrorist […]

Jay, I can’t believe you have gotten roped into complaining about the Department of Homeland Security’s recent assessment of potential terrorist threats from right-wing groups. You are joining Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council and “columnist” Michelle Malkin in […]

Jay, I am incredulous about your continued “shock” that pro-choice Presidential candidate Barack Obama is now pro-choice President Barack Obama. The President made it clear throughout the campaign that he was pro-choice: noting that he would overturn the Mexico City […]

HHS Secretary Leavitt’s explanation of his actions is, quitefrankly, mindboggling.  “Freedom ofexpression and action should not be surrendered upon the issuance of a healthcare degree,” he notes.  The real issuehas nothing to do with gaining a credential; it has everything […]

A proposed regulationfrom the Department of Health and Human Services regarding health care workers’religious “rights” is already causing considerable controversy–and it should!  The Department placed the rule on displayAug. 21 for a 30-day public comment period. The comments will be […]