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Barry,   Time to revisit health care reform and I am hopeful you will agree with me that this week’s Presidential Health Care Summit is shaping up to be nothing more than a photo opportunity for President Obama and the […]

Barry,   I’m surprised you are not applauding the first year record of President Obama’s White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.  The White House touts its first year accomplishments and says it has “brought people together across religious lines” […]

Barry,   I agree with you on the fact that most Americans don’t like government ‘secrecy’ and in many respects the vote in Massachusetts clearly reflected a total disgust with the way Washington is operating – especially with health care […]

Barry,   It’s really not important about what I want in the final version of health care.  What’s important is what the American people want – and a clear majority doesn’t want federal health care funds to be used for […]

Barry, you pose an interesting question.  I believe that end of life decisions should be made primarily between an individual and that individual’s family and trusted advisors, including spiritual counselors.  An individual should certainly be able to consult his physician, […]

Barry, even as another health care plan is being introduced into Congress, there’s a continuing – and a very real – concern about the issue of abortion. Senators Michael Enzi of Wyoming and Charles Grassley of Iowa have expressed their […]

I don’t know which polls you are looking at, but it appears that there was a double digit growth in support of the President’s basic approach after he spoke to the joint session of Congress.  He also told the truth […]

Barry, unfortunately President Obama squandered a prime-time audience and a Congressional address to do very little to move the ball forward regarding efforts to reform our health care system.    President Obama is losing support with the American people on […]

It did not take long for the media and politicos to start speculating about what the death of Senator Kennedy will mean to the current debate on health care and other vital issues.   Just hours after his death, a […]

I like to think that my outrage is in relative proportion to the outrage that generated it in the first place.  I have never been known to give any politician a “pass” nor to overstate the gravity of a politician’s anti-separation errors. […]