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Back in Court on National Day of Prayer

posted by Jay Sekulow

Barry,   While we don’t agree on the outcome of the Supreme Court decision in the case of  Christian Legal Society v. Martinez – there’s one thing that I suspect we see eye-to-eye on.  And that’s the fact that this […]

Another Faulty Federal Court Decision

posted by Jay Sekulow

Barry, Like many decisions recently by federal district courts – the decision by the federal district court in Connecticut prohibiting two Enfield School District high schools from holding their graduation ceremonies at First Cathedral was simply wrong. Unfortunately, the calendar […]

Supreme Court Sends Signal: Keep Cross Where It Is

posted by Rev. Barry W. Lynn

A fractured Supreme Court yesterday decided to remand–or send back to the lower court–the contentious case involving a congressional “land swap” that allowed the Veterans of Foreign Wars to keep a cross up in the Mojave National Preserve. Justice Anthony […]

Prayer Decision Flawed

posted by Jay Sekulow

Barry, This decision hardly represents a ‘victory’ for religious liberty, as you suggest.  It’s more like a small setback in the ongoing battle to keep groups like Freedom From Religion Foundation from purging all religious references and observances from American […]

Abortion Funding …to be continued – Up Next: A God-free Capitol Visitor Center?

posted by Jay Sekulow

The run-up to debate in the Senate on health care and abortion is already producing some interesting comments.  The Senate bill offered by Senate Majority Leader Reid does not include any pro-life language like that of the Stupak-Pitts Amendment which […]

Cross Should Survive Challenge

posted by Jay Sekulow

Barry, I believe the Supreme Court ultimately will conclude that the plaintiff did not have legal standing here – that this challenge was legally flawed from the very start.    Merely being ‘offended’ does not give the plaintiff a legal […]

Mojave Cross – No Constitutional Crisis

posted by Jay Sekulow

Barry, it was good to see you today.  I always enjoy an opportunity to sit next to you during oral arguments at the Supreme Court – especially with a case like the one we witnessed today.  As we both know, […]

From Commandments to Pledge – Federal Court Win Upholding “Under God”

posted by Jay Sekulow

Ok, Barry – looks like we won’t agree on the Ten Commandments and what we consider to be the proper and constitutional displays present in Judge DeWeese’s courtroom.   Let’s try this one.    A federal district court in New […]

Keep the Commandments Constitutional

posted by Jay Sekulow

Barry, I want to offer my congratulations to you and your family.  I’m sure your son’s wedding was, indeed, a great celebration.   I want to take a moment to discuss a topic you and I have debated from time […]

Miss California: Look Pretty, Don’t Preach–Anything Wrong With That?

posted by Rev. Barry W. Lynn

I should begin by noting that I hate beauty pageants. Judging women, in whole or in large part, by appearances is a sexist and anachronistic affront to an entire gender. I must admit, however, that the latest wrinkle in the […]

Vouchers Work & Clear Constitutional Hurdles

posted by Jay Sekulow

Barry, I don’t believe that school vouchers run afoul of the First Amendment, and neither does the Supreme Court.  In Zelman v. Simmons-Harris, a school voucher case, the Supreme Court explained that its Establishment Clause jurisprudence makes it clear that: […]

PBS Decision Was Unwise and Unnecessary

posted by Jay Sekulow

Barry, “sectarian” programming should not be excluded from public broadcasting at a time when matters of faith and religion are so much in the news and in the hearts and minds of viewers.   Local public broadcast programming is supposed […]

Supreme Court: Keep Cross & Reject Establishment Clause Challenge

posted by Jay Sekulow

Barry, we’ve discussed this before, but I wanted to bring you an update on our filing at the Supreme Court of the United States.  In the case of Salazar, Secretary of the Interior, et al., v. Buono, we have filed […]

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Another Blog To Enjoy!!!
Thank you for visiting LynnvSekulow. This blog is no longer being updated. Please enjoy the archives. Here is another blog you may also enjoy: Jay Sekulow: Faith and Justice  Happy Reading!

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Another blog to enjoy!!!
Thank you for visiting Lynn V. Sekulow. This blog is no longer being updated. Please enjoy the archives. Here is another blog you may also enjoy: Jay Sekulow's Faith and Justice Happy Reading!!!

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More to Come
Barry,   It's hard to believe that we've been debating these constitutional issues for more than two years now in this space.  I have tremendous respect for you and wish you all the best in your new endeavors.   My friend, I'm sure we will continue to square off in other forums - on n

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Thanks for the Memories
Well Jay, the time has come for me to say goodbye. Note to people who are really happy about this: I'm not leaving the planet, just this blog.As I noted in a personal email, after much thought, I have decided to end my participation and contribution to Lynn v. Sekulow and will be doing some blogging

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President Obama: Does He Get It?
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