Lynn v. Sekulow
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Jay, I’d like you to revisit a little blog-versation we had a few months back.  A Department of Homeland Security memo had suggested that it was important for law enforcement agents to concern themselves with domestic, not just foreign, terrorist […]

Barry, we’ve discussed this before, but I wanted to bring you an update on our filing at the Supreme Court of the United States.  In the case of Salazar, Secretary of the Interior, et al., v. Buono, we have filed […]

Barry, President Obama opened the door with a brief mention of religious freedom in his 55-minute speech to the Arab world. To his credit, he did bring up the importance of religious freedom, saying:  “Freedom of religion is central to […]

As you know, Jay, I am not unsympathetic to the plight of the many of the people you represent around the world.  There are strong human rights arguments to be made in asylum cases in Europe–and frankly strong ones to […]

Barry, I’ve just returned from Israel where we have opened an office in Jerusalem.  In addition to our work at the European Court of Human Rights in France, we are working out of Jerusalem on a number of cases involving […]