Lynn v. Sekulow
January 2009 Archives

Barry, once again, another legal challenge that you probably support – a federal lawsuit filed by Michael Newdow attempting to stop the mention of God at the inauguration of President-elect Obama and the inclusion of prayers at the inaugural ceremony […]

Barry, as you know, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney attracted a wide variety of supporters in his run for the Republican Presidential nomination.  And, as you correctly point out, I supported Governor Romney in my individual capacity.  I believe that […]

Jay, I am glad you returned safely from the Middle East.  I’m afraid that long ago I decided that I could not resolve the crisis there so I’ll let your comments speak for themselves. On another front, I know you […]

Barry, I just returned from the Middle East where I witnessed firsthand the terror that the Israelis face from the longstanding attacks by Hamas – rockets launched into Israel causing death, injury and terror.   I was in two Israeli […]