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We all “play God” or “play with fire” at some point. What we do affects people’s lives, even their chances of longevity. But are these things really so bad? Had your ancestors chosen not to play with fire, life might not […]

Most people don’t understand what can now be done through modern understandings of biology. If the child in me could ask the pioneers of synthetic biology a question, it might be about dragons. While I am no biologist, I understood […]

The implications of nuclear fusion power as a panacea for the world’s energy needs are not good. There are better alternatives and I’d like to write about them again. As explained by nuclear power critic Linda Gunter in a recent […]

It is a fact that science now has the capacity to introduce whole new species. The means of such creation is synbio, synthetic biology. To people with conservative ideas about humanity and nature (James Hughes would say bioconservative) the rapid development of synbio […]

Je ne dis ces choses que dans la mesure où je considère que cela permet de les transformer. I do not say such things except insofar as I consider this to permit some transformation of things. Michel Foucault We have […]

J’ai vécu. I survived. Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès This week has seen quite a few articles from me, so this post will be dedicated to summarizing those pieces and helping people find them. Writer’s block has never been a problem for me, and […]