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Today’s societies view so many valuable plants as pesky weeds and Plantain is at the top of the list. I’m not talking about Plantains, the cousin of the banana, I’m talking about the herbaceous plant that can be found all […]

Learning is not something that is done just at school, nor is teaching. I believe parents should play a big part in helping their children learn everything from math, to science to reading to spelling and grammar. I know we are […]

Friday Wisdom is shared from Christine Agro’s Conscious Living Wisdom Cards (Special Moms’ Edition) Each Deck has 42 cards and a booklet that offer insight and guidance for parenting consciously. Consciousness Card #23 in The Conscious Living Wisdom Cards (Special Moms’ Edition) […]

Yesterday I drove home from a visit in Buffalo with my Mom.  Caidin was happily watching movies in the back which left me with seven hours to listen to the radio, sing along and eventually to just think. Quite a […]

There are certain things I always say to Caidin and I see how they affect him. His eyes light up, he has a sense of pride and he in turn says many of these things back to me. One is […]

It can be hard to remember what it was like to be a little kid. If we consider the experience purely from a size perspective alone, we might be able to remember somewhat. Just the fact that the world is […]

Children learn by observing those around them. They look to their parents, their siblings, their relatives and their teachers to understand how to act, respond and interact. That’s why it’s important to share with our children who we are and […]

Book review: Dr. Larry Rosen, a Research Psychologist and an international expert on the Psychology of Technology just released his 5th book iDisorder: Understanding Our Obsession With Technology and Overcoming Its Hold On Us. (Watch my complete interview with Dr. Rosen […]