Life As A Conscious Mom

I am still reeling from the Sandy Hook tragedy, as I know many are. I am sad and I am angry.

20 beautiful lights are lost and it is unfathomable. It has touched us all – young and old; Republican and Conservative, and from near and far.

Let not the lives of these beautiful children be lost in vain.

These children no longer have a voice, we must be their voice. We must speak up and speak out and tell those who make our laws and shape our world that we want change.

This is not the world I want to live in. Is it the world you want to live in?

I was at the Mall on Friday, tidying up the Canstruction® event and waiting for my son’s class to come and see it. His school was so excited to be a part of this regional event, they sent the entire school, class by class, to see the sixth grade class’ entry and to bring canned food for the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley and The Queens Galley of Kingston.

They seemed to be running a little late, so I called the school to see if they had left yet. Apparently, they had and to chants of ‘Canstruction®, Canstruction®’ no less.

Waiting, I straightened out the flyers for the Dutchess County Arts Council, and Canstruction® and the other organizations we were helping to promote during the event. As I did, a woman came out of Old Navy and had just answered her phone. I saw the look on her face and unfortunately it is a look we have seen far too many times. It is the look of someone learning of a tragedy. I wasn’t that close to her but I could hear her say, crystal clear, ‘what school, where?’ My heart sank, something happened at a school, but that’s all I gathered.

Cupcakes to me mean celebration. I love them. I love that they are small and can be individually decorated. So I’m always making cupcakes. In fact when someone shares something positive in one of my classes, I’ll often respond with ‘Cupcakes for all.’

When we bought our house outside of New York City, a client told me that she had a dream that she was at our house celebrating and we were all having cupcakes. Once we moved in, I had a party and invited clients and students to come celebrate our new home, with cupcakes.

One of those students found a Vegan Cupcake cookbook and sent it to me as a gift. It is a book full of 75 vegan cupcake making options and they are all delicious.

It’s happening. My little boy is growing-up. He is shifting and beginning to move through that little boy to young man stage.

I never imagined how challenging this time would be or could be, both for me and for him. He’s coming up on 9 years old and he is becoming aware of so many changes.  He’s aware of girls, how he’s seen by them and by other boys, he’s questioning himself, he physically looks different and interestingly he’s mourning the growing loss of his little boy-ness.