Life As A Conscious Mom

Turmeric is a powerful herb. It has many anecdotal healing properties with longstanding use in Aryuvedic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Westerners are catching on though and Turmeric is actually being explored through numerous studies including studies on its effectiveness as an anti-cancer agent.

I’m always perfectly fine with the 5000 year old history of use by the people of India and China. I find it curious that Westerners need to prove things before accepting them. In any event, that’s an aside.

Turmeric is powerful anti-viral and antibacterial agent. It is also an anti-inflammatory and a carminative (prevents the formation of gas.)

The New Year offers us both a time to reflect and a time to set out our intentions for the year ahead.

As adults we do this, but it’s great to get your kids in the habit of doing the same.

At the end of 2008 we decided that we wanted to buy a house and move out of New York City.

This was no small endeavor for us. We didn’t have a down payment, we had no cars, the move itself was going to be quite expensive, but we were certain it was what we wanted to do. On the eve of 2009 my husband, son and I stood in the living room (which was also our kitchen and dining room) of our Brooklyn apartment and we set out our intentions for 2009. We stated what we wanted to create – a home we loved, land, a pool, a dog, a fence, a barn for Chuck to paint in and the money to be able to make the move.

As 2009 moved forward we saw all of our intentions fall into place. An estate gift gave us the money for the down payment, a client needed to rehome a dog and we happily welcomed him into our family. We looked at more than 60 houses between July and December 2009 and finally found IT, a beautiful old Victorian Gothic on 3 acres, with a barn and a pool, already fenced in. Even when it came time for our move, my husband got a deal from a moving company, which made the move simple and fluid.

It’s great for kids to see that they have the ability to manifest and it’s even better to have things that the family works to create together.

The other morning I was in the kitchen putting the dishes away when Caidin came in. He had his Wisdom Cards in his hand and he said, ‘I haven’t used these in a while. I pulled two cards: Speaking and Create.’

Inside I was so happy that he had turned to the cards without my suggestion, but at this age, I’ve learned, you don’t go overboard with the excitement.

I said, ‘Oh, that’s interesting. What did you take from those two cards?’ He said, ‘I’m not sure. Speaking, is about giving a speech?’ ‘Could be,’ I said. ‘Sometimes I take it to mean how I speak, or to pay attention to how I am speaking.’ ‘Well that would make sense,’ he said.

I mentioned it a few weeks ago, but I’ll say it again, Caidin is going through a challenging growth period. This isn’t a physical one; it’s one that has elements of spiritual awareness, emotional growth, mental awareness and add to now his need to find some way to understand the killings in Connecticut.

The unique aspect of his current growth is that he is very open about it, sharing with me what he’s thinking, how he’s feeling and honestly, as confusing as it is to him, it’s been a little confusing to me.

It’s had me on the internet searching for ‘normal’; it’s generated many conversations between my husband and I and it has me thinking back to my own life at this age.

Here’s something I’ve come to realize – a part of our development entails trying things out to see what they feel like or how they fit; that could be language, thoughts, or behaviors.