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Last year I had the opportunity to read iDisorder by Dr. Larry Rosen. (Interview with Dr. Larry Rosen) It is a book that explores the role technology has on mental disorders. But what I found most important in his book is the notion that our brain doesn’t ‘shut down’ when we turn off the computer, tv or video game. The brain activity that is stimulated by the use of technology continues to whirl, much like the fan in a computer, long after the power button is pushed off.

Dr. Rosen explains that it is necessary to ‘reset’ the brain and we do this by changing our environment, by changing our mental stimulation.

To rest your mind, first you need to turn off the technology. Leave the phone, games, anything with a screen behind and then get outside into nature.

At the beginning of the year I asked to have more patience. There are a few ‘reactions’ that I have that I don’t like and I want to change them. For me, that process begins by first acknowledging and second setting out the intention to create change.

As a Clairvoyant, this process sets a chain reaction in motion. I start to see and gather information that informs whatever it is that I am consciously working on as I search for the root or core of the issue at hand. This is actually what makes my work so unique. I’m never satisfied with just the surface information, I want to understand  the why and to see the life lesson that we are working on.

What’s transpired with this has been fascinating. I have always been aware that we mirror people – we mirror their personalities and we also mirror their energy, but what I’m seeing is that my ‘reactions’ are mostly me mirroring back the energy of the person I am dealing with.

For example when something is bothering Caidin he can get a little mean. He says things that can be quite cutting. My reaction can be to get angry with him. What I am realizing is that I am mirroring the energy he is experiencing. I’m not actually angry with him. So now, when these situations come up, I’m conscious of this dynamic and I’m using them to release and shift this ‘mirroring’ behavior.

Looking back I realize that Caidin also does this, he mirrors my behavior. I remember being at a The Children’s Film Festival in Brooklyn and I thought I lost my wallet. I began to panic as I was looking for it and as soon as I began to panic, Caidin became difficult. He was mirroring my panic. I can think back to many times when this was the case – his ‘reaction’ was a mirror of what I was experiencing.

It’s both interesting and helping information to have because it not only allows me to create change for myself, it also allows me to help Caidin see and understand where he holds this dynamic.

One big piece of Conscious Living is about searching for the ‘why and how’, not just accepting that the way things are, are the way they are.

It’s led me to do a little research about this ‘mirroring’ dynamic and there is one school of thought that attributes it to a ‘generation’ of Spirits on the planet. Most are young, but some came in as scouts and guides years ago in order to help this new generation once they arrived. The information resonated with me.

In the coming days, as your child is reacting to something, take a step back (in the moment if you can, or after the fact if you can’t) and see if there was a matching component. You can also do the same for your own ‘reactions’, maybe you too hold this ability.

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Christine Agro is a Mom, a Clairvoyant and a Metaphysical Expert. She is the founder of The Conscious Mom’s Guide™ a free on-line community for parents, teachers and guardians who wish living consciously and see children as conscious beings.

Last night I took Caidin to his Karate class. It’s at the gym of an area College. We got there early and spent most of the time talking about places to hide.

He found a little space and said ‘that would be a good place to hide.’ I casually said ‘ya, I guess.’

He continued though with, ‘I could hide in my locker if I was small enough,’ and then ‘what about hiding in the elevator? Would that be good?’ As he continued, I realized he really wanted to talk about finding ways to protect himself, or hide in case someone had a gun at school.

We talked about the elevator idea. I suggested that if he did that he should press the alarm button, which would lock the elevator door from opening and stand against the wall to the side. I noted that his locker would be good as long as he didn’t lock himself in.

We sat quietly for a little bit. I was digesting the conversation. Then I looked at him and I said ‘I’m sorry you have to think about these things.’

All he said was, ‘ya, I know.’

This is the world we live in. Where kids have to think about where they might from someone with a gun.

Our country was founded on the belief of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is not in the constitution, but it was the founding principle.

If you espouse your 2nd amendment rights and insist that gun ownership of automatic assault weapons is part of that right, maybe next time think about an 8 year old who spends his time wondering where he should hide. Does this embody the vision of our forefathers?

Reason and balance is all I’m asking.

(C) Christine Agro 2013

Christine Agro is a Mom, a Claivoyant, a Metaphysical Expert and a Naturopath. She is the founder of The Conscious Mom’s Guide(TM) a free membership site that offers guidance, insight and support for parenting with awareness.

Where I know there is no magic formula, nor are there ever any guarantees, I really believe that having connections with our kids contributes immensely to their health and happiness.

In a day and age when everything moves so quickly, our time is filled from sun up to sun down and our schedules oftentimes keep us operating in different spheres, finding ways to stay connected to our kids is an essential element of conscious parenting.