Life As A Conscious Mom

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The many ways in which kids use texting has been a well-covered topic by psychologists, educators, parents and the media. It seems that many of our children communicate through text. They ask each other out, they date, they fight and they break-up all through texts. This process is leading them to communicate impulsively and to say things without actually considering the impact their words will have on another.

Last night I was thinking about this generational development of using texts to communicate and I found myself having a conversation in my head with Caidin about the downsides to this: there is a lack of responsibility and ownership of words chosen, it’s impersonal, it’s disconnected, it doesn’t allow one to develop the ability to talk, discuss, debate in a face-to-face situation. Then I realized that this conversation would be much more meaningful if instead of telling Caidin what I thought, I found out first, what he thought about it. I decided I would ask him on the way to school.

Friday Wisdom is shared from Christine Agro’s Conscious Living Wisdom Cards (Special Moms’ Edition) Each Deck has 42 cards and a booklet that offer insight and guidance for parenting consciously.

Light Card #29 in The Conscious Living Wisdom Cards (Special Moms’ Edition)

Today I drew the Light Card.

So many uses of the word light but they all have the same meaning – to illuminate, to bring out of the darkness – whether we are talking about turning a light on in a room or letting our inner light shine bright from within, it is the same meaning.

Children have that inner light – that sparkle in their eye of life and joy and enthusiasm and of living life fully. They have it until it is extinguishes. Inner light becomes extinguished when it is told to hide or be less, when it is ridiculed and criticized. It is extinguished when it is belittled, diminished and ignored.

As Conscious Parents, or grandparents or teachers or care providers, it’s our opportunity to fan the inner light of the children in our lives. To see them as the powerful beings they are, to support them as the learn to navigate this world and to teach them to never extinguish their inner light, no matter how others may try.

Sometimes it’s hard for us to see how much our kids are growing and changing. We live with them day-in and day-out so unless they sprout up 5 inches overnight, their growth, maturation and evolution happens sometimes silently and subtly.

You look at them and you think ‘do those shorts look a little tight?’ But the thought is jarred out of your mind as you move on to the next request, next meal, next question, next shuttle transport to sports, music, or friends.

Yesterday I packed Caidin’s lunch with a homemade hummus roll-up, a chocolate pudding, a granola bar, some nuts, a drink and six grapes. Last year, six grapes were two too many. Caidin’s lunch almost always came back with two lone hot and squishy grapes.

Caidin ready to head back to school

Caidin headed back to school today. He was so excited that he couldn’t go to sleep last night and he got up early this morning. Last night he went through a range of emotions from excitement to fear. At one point he came downstairs with tears in his eyes saying ‘I can’t remember anything. I don’t even know what 19 + 19 is. What if I can’t remember anything tomorrow.?’ So much pressure on himself.

I assured him that he would be fine, ran through a few math problems, all of which he did fine with, including answering what 19+19 was and tried to convince him that they weren’t going to start off doing math first thing in the morning. Then I asked his dad to take him back upstairs, since I was getting ready to teach a class.

This morning, the worries of last night were gone and Caidin was eager to get to school. We were the first family there, which was nice. It gave Caidin time to walk around, explore the changes made to the school over the summer and say hello to not only his new teacher, but his teacher from the last two years.