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A Key To Happy, Healthy Kids – Find Ways To Be Connected

Where I know there is no magic formula, nor are there ever any guarantees, I really believe that having connections with our kids contributes immensely to their health and happiness. In a day and age when everything moves so quickly, […]


The Language of Hugging: 5 Reasons Your Child Hugs You

Caidin is a hugger. He loves to hug and be hugged. In fact, he can’t hug enough. Since I’m curious about why we do what we do and how that plays a role in our life lessons, I’ve done my […]


6 Things We Can Learn From Glue

Caidin got a bag full of foam bits and beads at a birthday party. It’s been sitting in our ‘catch-all’ draw for several months now, but a few nights ago (as a bedtime delay tactic) he got it out and […]


How To Raise A Boy To Be A Healthy 21st Century Man – 10 Suggestions to Get You Started

When I look at the men of the world today, I understand why there is so much anger and resentment toward women. Most men today have no role model to work from. Their father’s world doesn’t exist anymore. Gone is the 1950s […]

What did you do today? Nothing. (Helping Your Child Talk About Their Day)

When parents ask me for insight one of the common frustrations during the school year is that their kids won’t talk to them about what they did during the day. When asked ‘What did you do today?’ The response is […]

Kids Are People Too: 5 Things To Never Do To Your Kid

We spent the day at the Dutchess County Fair yesterday. It was a wonderful day full of interacting with animals, eating bad fair food and riding on questionable fair rides. We returned home, full of experiences, excited about our plans […]

Supporting Your Child As Their Body Changes- Four Thoughts

Last night I was teaching my ‘Journey of a Thousand Women’ class. It’s based on a book I’ve written entitled ‘I Am Woman, Fully Empowered’ and it empowers women to truly embrace being Spirit in a female body, to own […]

6 Ways to Get Your Toddler to Talk To Their Long-Distance Grandparents

I met a Mom who lived in Brooklyn and her parents lived in Austria. She commented that her toddler wouldn’t talk to them on the phone and when her daughter sees them in person she is also hesitant to interact […]

Eight Of My Favorite Books To Read When Caidin Was Little (and Why Reading To Your Child is So Important)

Reading has always played big part in our life with Caidin. We started reading to Caidin when he was a month old. My husband Chuck would even read the sports section to Caidin with a sing-song voice. Whether that’s why […]

My Son’s 8 Favorite Things To Do In The Car

Whether car rides, bus rides, train rides, plane rides or long walks, finding ways to keep kids engaged can make or break everyone’s experience. I was going to write a list of five things to do in the car, but […]

6 Important Things I’ve Learned About Being A Parent

There are definitely way more than six things I’ve learned about being a parent, but these are some of the top things. Being a Conscious Parent is truly a full-time job and it’s a lot like putting a puzzle together as you […]

10 Ways to Be a Kid with Your Kid

Being silly, laughing, giggling, playing – sometimes as parents we forget to have fun. We get so serious and so wrapped up in the need to, have to, ought to and should dynamics that all the life goes out of […]

5 Steps to Help Your Child Overcome Fear

Whether it is bedtime or fireworks or maybe it’s sitting on Santa’s lap, children will have fear about things they don’t understand, things that their minds can’t wrap around, things that are just too big to put into context and […]

5 Ways to Make Summertime Memories

I want to make sure that Caidin has good memories of growing up. Some come naturally, but I also try to find moments that will create lifelong memories. I love the summer for this. Life slows down and we can […]

5 Things To Say To Your Child

There are certain things I always say to Caidin and I see how they affect him. His eyes light up, he has a sense of pride and he in turn says many of these things back to me. One is […]

4 Ways to Celebrate The Summer Solstice With Your Child

This Wednesday, June 20th at 7:09 pm Eastern Time marks the Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year and for many it signifies the official start of summer. In pagan tradition however, Summer actually begins on May 1st and […]

5 Out-of-The-Box Ways To Know Your Child

We are all different. We have our physical differences, but beyond that we respond to information and situations differently, we learn differently and we experience the world differently. I  like to say ‘my red, cannot be the same color as […]

Teachable Moments Rather Than ‘Preachable’ Moments: 3 Ways To Incorporate Teachable Moments Into Your Everyday.

When Caidin was little, we found ourselves not only describing and explaining things to him, but being sure that we added adjectives and adverbs to every sentence. So instead of saying ‘that’s a dog,’ we’d say ‘that’s a big brown […]

Teaching Your Child to Stand Up For Themselves – 4 Conscious Parenting Insights

One of the best parts of my day is when I wait at our gate for Caidin to arrive on the school bus. I look forward to seeing him at the top of the bus steps, smiling and all set […]

5 Things For A Graduate of Any Age

Whether your child is graduating from Kindergarten or from College, in the anticipation and excitement of this hallmark moment we oftentimes skip right over the really important parts. What is ‘graduation’? Technically, graduation is the conferring of a degree or […]

Understanding Your Child’s Frustration – What you Need to Know and 3 Steps to Help.

Put yourself in your child’s place and imagine for a minute the following: You have a toy that you absolutely love, it’s yours, you carry it with you everywhere. Although you aren’t consciously aware of it, the toy gives you […]

5 Important Things To Model For Your Child

My dad had this amazing ability to teach anybody anything. He couldn’t swim himself, in fact he wouldn’t even go in the water, but he taught me to swim. He never played a day of tennis, yet he went to […]

5 Ways to Empower Your Child

It can be hard to remember what it was like to be a little kid. If we consider the experience purely from a size perspective alone, we might be able to remember somewhat. Just the fact that the world is […]

5 Simple Yet Meaningful Ways To Connect With Your Child

Some of my favorite moments happen when Caidin and I are doing things that allow us to ‘just be’. These moments create a great sense of connection. If your child is little, start doing these things now and they will […]

5 Things to Share With Your Child

Children learn by observing those around them. They look to their parents, their siblings, their relatives and their teachers to understand how to act, respond and interact. That’s why it’s important to share with our children who we are and […]

10 Essential Elements of Conscious Parenting

Conscious Parenting isn’t a strategy, or a technique or something you can take a course on. Well, I guess you could take a course on it, but it wouldn’t be a sit-and-be-lectured-to course, it would be an experiential immersion into […]

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Where Have I Been?
It’s such a simple question, but such an involved question. December was a particularly challenging month for Caidin and it made me stop and reflect on this blog. I love sharing information, insight and guidance and my ‘way’ has ...

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The NRA Wants Armed Gunmen In The Schools
I'm sorry, but when, how, why and in what world, does the NRA have any say into what happens in our schools. Their push to put armed gunmen in schools is unfathomable to me. Schools take considerable precautions today, ones we wish they ...

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Last year I had the opportunity to read iDisorder by Dr. Larry Rosen. (Interview with Dr. Larry Rosen) It is a book that explores the role technology has on mental disorders. But what I found most important in his book is the notion that our ...

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