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Many of the children coming into the world today are conscious and have no intentions of losing their consciousness. Unlike our generation and generations before, ‘children should be seen and not heard’  is a model that no longer applies. Try to apply it to today’s kids and they will meet their dismissal and suppression with anger, frustration and resentment that manifests as vocal, emotional and behavioral protest.

This is one of the reasons that the public school system in the United States is no longer working. Today’s kids do not and will not fit an outdated mold that operates from a sole focus on results rather than seeing and supporting the strengths of an individual.

Before we become parents, we make a Spiritual agreement, a contract of sorts, with the child that will be ours. For many this agreement is unconscious and their lives unfold unconsciously. However, this agreement is never a one-way street, meaning there are things to learn, things to give and things to receive on both sides. It is a mistake to believe that being a parent is all give, your child or the child that will be yours has as much to teach and give you as you have to offer in return. A conscious parent/child relationship is a two-way street with an awareness that giving and receiving happening on both sides.

I work with a lot of women who are trying to conceive. Some have experienced miscarriages; some are being told they won’t conceive unless they use In Vitro Fertilization (IVF); and some are just afraid they will never have a child.

At the core of all of these readings is a similar message, their future children want a conscious mom and in order to be conscious we have to heal ourselves and step into a level of awareness before our child will join us. This is the beginning of the two-way street. When women are open to exploring their fears, worries and concerns about conception, healing begins and it opens the door to this new level of awareness. It opens the door to understanding our children as Spiritual beings.

I’ve seen it time and time again. These Spirits in waiting want conscious parents. They want a Mom who will see them as the powerful Spirit they are. They want a Mom who will guide them, not control them. They want a Mom who understands that there is as much to give as there is to receive and they aren’t coming in until we heal and wake-up.

Whether you find yourself challenged to conceive or you simply like the idea of creating a more conscious place from which to step into pregnancy, keep in mind that consciousness is not determined by size or age, it is a state of being and one that many of today’s children possess far greater than the adults around them.

Ask yourself what old information and ways of seeing children do you need to let go of? What expectations are no longer relevant? How can you be in present time with the notion of being a Mom? Do you have childhood experiences that still dictate who you are today and can you heal and let go of these? And in what ways can you create a deeper more meaningful connection with your child whether yet to be conceived, in utero or here already?

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