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Rock Rose Flower

Whether it is world events or situations more closer to home, like going back to school or nightmares, Flower Essences offer children drug free emotional and mental support. Flower Essences (not to be confused with Essential Oils) use the energetic vibration of the flower to help shift, transmute or release an emotional experience or mental state

To fully grasp the power of Flower Essences, you have to embrace the ‘all things are energy’ mantra. I happen to embrace it whole-heartedly, so I love what Flower Essences bring to the table, especially when supporting children. Children tend to resonate well with Flower Essences, primarily because they haven’t overridden their connection to their own inner healing yet. By the time we become adults we have been told by so many in so many different ways that we need outside help to be whole, we tend to lose that connection. Children are usually still open and receptive, so the emotional and mental healing power of Flower Essences can be quite effective.

The way I like to explain Flower Essences to children is by talking about the flowers ‘personality’. Each flower has its own vibration – it’s happy, it’s strong, it’ sympathetic – and it shares this personality with us through the solution the flowers sit in (which is water with a small amount of either vinegar or brandy as a preservative). You can easily make your own Flower Water by taking the blooms of flowers and letting them soak in a bowl of water out in the sun. The water will take on the vibration of the flowers and you can then drink the water, or bathe in it, or soak your hands or feet in it.

I’ve used Flower Essences with Caidin since he was a baby. Among the many times I have used them with Caidin, one was particularly interesting. He developed separation anxiety, almost out of the blue. It was age-appropriate, meaning, according to the ‘books’ it was an expected age to see kids experience this kind of dynamic.

I decided to work with Flower Essences for both unknown and known fears, for courage and for certainty. What was most interesting was I could see Caidin’s energy shift after he would take the Flower Essences. It was as though the Flower Essences would move out the fear, doubt and uncertainty and replace it with a sense of calm, knowing and strength. When we would approach his trigger (being dropped off at Day Care) I could see the anxiety trigger but it would quickly shift. His separation anxiety was short lived.

Flower Essences were brought to the forefront of vibrational medicine in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, a medical doctor by trade who turned away from the ‘scientific method and its reliance on laboratories and reductionism’[1] to discover a system a natural system of support. Between the years of 1930 and 1934 Dr. Bach field tested thousands of flowers, narrowing his search to 38 essences which address what he described as the 38 emotional and mental conditions humans can experience ranging from fear to trauma to depression.

Since his passing in 1936 at the age of 50, Bach Flower Remedies have remained the primary 38 essences. In 1979 The Flower Essence Society (FES) emerged, led by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz. FES has been dedicated to expanding on Dr. Bach’s work. They are committed to plant research and empirical clinical research on the therapeutic effects of flower essences. They work with and draw case studies from more than 50,000 practitioners world-wide. Today, FES has more than 150 additional flower essences that address everything from environmental sensitivities to ADD to spiritual growth and awareness.

If you are interested in working with Flower Essences and would like more information consider visiting either The Bach Center or The Flower Essence Society, or both. There are a number of simple books you can read for additional information as well. But you need no special training to work with Flower Essences. All health stores carry some brand of Flower Essences, most carry Bach Flower (The original 38) and many carry the FES brand.

As always I recommend that you try them first so that you understand how they work. This is the naturopathic way. Everything I learned at The School of Natural Medicine was through experiential learning – test it, try it, experience it. Working with natural healing is really about reigniting our connection to our own information and knowingness. By trying a remedy, you learn what works and what doesn’t work, you learn what it feels like while it’s working and you learn to understand the potential for its usages.

In all of my experiences and in the experiential documentation I’ve read there are no side-effects from using Flower Essences. If they can help, they transmute, remove or replace an emotional or mental state. If they can’t help, they do nothing.

Flower Essences for Fear of the Unknown and the Known, for Courage and for Certainty – all from the original Bach 38

Aspen–  fear of unknown things like outcomes, or if the actual source of the fear is unknown. For a child fear of the unknown might be going to the Doctor, or the anxiety caused by an upcoming trip or returning to school.

Mimulus – fear of known things such as heights or flying or in the case of our children :clowns or going to the Doctor, trips or school can also be known fears.

Rock Rose – terror or fright. Rock Rose creates courage.

Cerato – creates certainty and is used when there is indecision or uncertainty

Rescue Remedy – Rescue Remedy is readily found in health stores and it is a combination of five flower essence remedies. Rescue Remedy is used in any crisis or emergency situation to address fear, trauma, shock, anxiety and uncertainty.

To use:

Place five drops of any remedy in a glass of water or juice, or give five drops orally. You can work with more than one remedy at a time – up to five remedies at once is recommended. In

Use your own discretion in using Flower Essence. If you are uncertain about working with natural remedies, consult your pediatrician or natural care provider.

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[1] ‘Our Founder, Dr. Edward Bach’, page: About Dr. Edward Bach, The Bach Center,, 2009

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